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Case Reccon: Companies from Lapland work together to clean up contaminated soil in China

February 26, 2024    |     ASES

Cooperation in the treatment of contaminated lands continues

In 2016, ASES began cooperation with Savaterra Oy, which built a contaminated soil treatment plant in Guangzhou, China. ASES acted as a wide-ranging electrical automation partner in the project. Later, Reccon Oy bought Savaterra's Asian operations with equipment and patents, but the close cooperation between these Lapland-based companies continues.

"We continue to work closely with Savaterra and its sister company Kalottikone. ASES was also a natural choice as a partner, as they know the processing plant from the past. Here, polluted soil areas in China are still being cleaned with Lappish forces," says Olli Aho, the CEO of Reccon Oy.

In the summer of 2019, Reccon moved the contaminated soil treatment plant 2,000 kilometers from Guangzhou to Zibo. The plant was originally designed to be moved, but it is no small operation when a plant with an area of approximately 50 by 50 meters and partly very high, is moved.

"Twenty truckloads were moving towards the north, a few cranes were working for a couple of weeks, and a month's worth of personnel work was required. During the transfer, ASES was responsible for the electrification and automation of the new additional equipment, as well as the testing and maintenance of the old equipment," Mr. Aho explains.

Reccon plant in China


Electrification and automation from one place

ASES design engineer Pauli Toljamo was present at Zibo to install and program the plant's automation systems. "In terms of the smoothness of the customer's project, it is good that we are able to offer the entire electrification and automation package from one place", he explains the value that ASES brings to the cooperation project.

Currently, the contaminated soil treatment plant is cleaning the soil in Zibo. There are 140,000 tons of soil to be cleaned in the ongoing project, and the job will probably last 6–8 months. If necessary, ASES provides telephone support so that the facility's electrical systems and automation run smoothly.

"ASES is a competent operator that you can trust. It's easy to agree on matters with them, and they understand the customer's needs", praises Mr. Aho from Reccon.


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