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Studiokatu 3, 94600 Kemi
p. +358 40 555 3214 /Jouni Saloniemi
info@ases.fi or firstname.lastname@ases.fi

Billing addresses

ASES prefers electronic invoices as the primary method of invoicing.
Insinööritoimisto ASES Oy
VAT: FI24599759
OVT code: 003724599759
Operator: Osuuspankki 
Operator code: OKOYFIHH
ASES Installaatiot Oy
VAT: FI27624884
OVT code: 003727624884
Operator: Pagero
Operator code: 003723609900
In case you’re not able to send invoices electronically, please mail them to:
Insinööritoimisto ASES Oy/ASES Installaatiot Oy 
Studiokatu 3, 94600 Kemi

visiting And postal address:

Studiokatu 3
94600 Kemi

p. +358 40 555 3214