Our professionals are ready to take part just in time when you need expertise in your project. We are experts on the fields of process electrification, instrumentation, automation and project management, with extensive knowledge and experience.


Process electrification

  • We implement industrial process electrification from planning to commissioning. Skillfully planned and implemented electrification guarantees
    efficient and continuous operations in your process environment. Maintenance and servicing ensure your system’s performance, energy efficiency
    and long lifetime.

    • • Planning
      • Installations
      • Transformers and transforming stations, electrical centers and switchgear, frequency converters and motors
      • • Motor feeders and other electrically driven components
        •    • Motor selection and procurement planning
        •    • Motor feeder engineering


Instrumentation engineering

We have a strong competence in instrumentation of industrial processes.
Outstanding results in instrument selections and dimensioning.

  • • Planning
    • • Installations
    • • PI-diagrams
    • • Field instrument selection and procurement planning
    • • Field boxes: Junction boxes, local control boxes, air feed boxes


Automation engineering

Automation combines a production process as a well performing entity. We plan and implement industrial automation solutions
as individual assignments or comprehensive service.

  •  Planning and configurations
    •  Installations
    •  System layouts
    •  Bus diagrams
    •  Process controls systems, automation systems, PLC’s selection and procurement planning
    •  Hardware engineering:
      •    • System component selection and procurement planning
      •    • Cabinets, racks and boxes
      •    • Process control station and CPU-cabinets
      •    • I/O-cabinets
      •    • Cross connection cabinets
    •  Software engineering:
      •    • Automation systems, process control systems and programmable logic controllers
      •    • Operator interfaces
        •    • SCADA systems
        •    • HMI systems
        •    • Control panels
        •    • Local control panels
      •    • Functional descriptions
      •    • Fail-safe logic programming


Project engineering and management

We are project management experts with long experience. For ventures small and large,
we’ve got you covered from planning to commissioning.

  •  Project manager
    •  Preliminary engineering
    •  Budgeting
    •  Schedules
    •  Procurement planning
    •  Installation supervision
    •  Assisting in commissioning and test drives




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