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Case Outokumpu – Extensive project entity in process electrification of the Deep Mine project

February 26, 2024    |     ASES

In the Deep Mine project of the Outokumpu Kemi mine, the mine will be deepened between 500 and 1000 levels as an underground mine. A lot of infrastructure required by the mining process has been built underground, and ASES has played a significant role in electrifying it in this project.

The Deep Mine project has included a wide range of subprojects in which ASES has been involved in: Electricity distribution, process electrification, instrumentation, and ICT installations. Earlier we’ve already described in our references how ASES carried out projects at the Kemi mine in 2019 as a turnkey delivery of 110 kV switch field expansion and electrification and automation of 1015-level pumping station.

During years 2020-2022 ASES has carried out nine different projects at the Deep Mine building site and has also carried out installations for one project as a subcontractor. ASES has played a major and significant role in the mine expansion with process electrification and automation. The work on the Deep Mine contracts has generated a turnover of more than EUR 10 million for ASES.


Everything has played out well, both in terms of project management and on the job site.”

– Mikko Leppälä, Outokumpu


Deep Mine project leader, project manager Kari Huttunen and equipment manager Mikko Leppälä from Outokumpu have been very satisfied with ASES’s flexible and professional approach to the execution of these various projects. In addition to excellent work performance, Mr. Leppälä highlights the wide range of contracts. The flexible execution has been beneficial both to Outokumpu in the role of the customer and to ASES as the supplier of the work.

” When there have been many projects at the same time and the project management is the same for both parties, it has been easy to transfer resources from one project to another whenever needed. More urgent projects have been moved forward, while another project may have been in a situation where it was not possible to move forward and thus the resources reserved for it could be utilized,” Mr. Leppälä explains.

Project management also receives praise from Mr. Huttunen.

” The ASES team has had a good understanding of the scope of their contracts, and thus they have been able to group and divide their work well. They have also often acted on their own initiative, and they have had a good understanding of where the larger project as a whole is headed.”


That team sure has professionalism and know-how”
– Kari Huttunen, Outokumpu


The Deep Mine project leaders have also noticed ASES's wide area of expertise, as the ASES team has also carried out high-voltage installations in this project, low-voltage installations, instrumentation and ICT installations - without forgetting special skills, such as processing and splicing of optical fibers.

The ASES team has also liked the project. ASES project manager Jani Aspegren describes the working environment at the mine as a special experience.

” The installations have been carried out in the tunnels, which is a challenging environment, and for some of our installers, completely new. However, everyone has enjoyed working there. The cooperation with the mine's personnel has been excellent, and it would be great if all projects were carried out in the same spirit.,” Mr. Aspegren describes.

Picture source: Outokumpu


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